Instant Champagne-Mimosa Bubbly Kit

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Say "hello" to instant mimosas and "bye, bye" to hassle. Create a mimosa instantly with our handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Made with all natural ingredients and containing only 16 calories, enjoy craft bubblies anywhere, anytime! 

For best results, place cube in the bottom of the flute or glass and pour bubblies over the cube. If you prefer a show, pour bubblies into a flute or glass and drop the cube into the bubblies. Lasts up to 2-3 pours. 

Suggested pairings: Brut sparkling wine, club soda, iced tea, lemonade, margaritas, vodka+soda. 

*The longer the cube saturates in the drink, the more flavor. If you prefer no granules in your drink, saturate the cube with a few drops of hot water, muddle until cube becomes syrup, add beverage.